2 weeks off

We had a wonderful 2 weeks off, and it will all be over when Hubby goes to work on Tuesday. It actually is a great schedule. We get so much time together, especially since I’m not working. But then, it really sucks when he’s away.
We had dinner at Couchon in New Orleans. It was just ok, nothing to go tellin’ the neighbors about or anything. And I was still hungry when we left. We ordered a good variety of stuff to get a real taste of what they had to offer.

I finally made our door look inviting. Now people aren’t scared to knock, not sure that’s a good thing LOL.


If you look closely you can see my dog, Roux, at the bottom of the door looking out.

I love being home.  It seems like we are always go, go, go visiting family and friends or camping.  I love nights at home cooking in my own kitchen.  I just wish we had a bigger family to cook for.  It’s actually kinda hard cooking for 2.

 The only bad thing about cooking at home is cleaning up.

My mom had children for this exact purpose, to clean the house.  I was her little maid.

She is so upset that I moved out that she begs me to stay with them while hubby’s at work.






Look at this lovely view from our dining room table.  It’s going to be hard to move.  Isn’t that a beautiful sight?

Not many people can say they have a bayou in the backyard.

This egret is thankful our boat is in the shop right now, fish love to hangout below that boat slip.

We made time for a fishing trip. It was such a beautiful day. We towed the boat down to the Breton Sound Marina about an hour away from our house, in Hopedale, LA.

We caught a few fish but only 2 keepers, 1 redfish and 1 speckled trout.

He doesn’t like to wear sunscreen so he covers up as much as possible.  I wasn’t feeling the fishing vibe, so I made a nice shade spot to chill.

We were having trouble with the motor so we couldn’t go out too far.


Dinner that night was so good. We grilled up the fish and had a side of wild rice and grilled corn and a salad. Yum Yum that’s good eatin’!

God, I love living in an area where we have access to fresh fish whenever we want it.



Update on my Real Estate stuff:  I finished the month long course in 6 days.  I’ve passed all the practice tests, by cheating since I had the information in front of me while taking the tests.  Now I’m going back to make notes of all the information I think is really valuable.  It’s a TON of information by the way!  Seriously A Lot!  Then I’ll go back to take all the practice test again without help this time.

I’m not in a rush, but I would like to take the National and State Licensing Exam at the end of this month.

I’m so excited to get started with this new career, I can’t wait!

So off to studying I go!

Sen. Mary Landrieu’s residency in Louisiana questioned

I came across this blog and thought I should share that Mrs. Landrieu was in church with us this Sunday. Weird? Definitely. I have never seen her there before. Then it hit me, she’s trying to “make her presence known.” It’s interesting that she chose a Catholic Church on the Northshore, at least 45 minutes from where she’s claiming residence. Oh and she was accompanied by her “roommates,” mom and dad.

Date Night with a Donkey

Saturday my dear, sweet husband planned a surprise evening that he wouldn’t tell me anything about.  I’ve been a little stressed with learning all about Real Estate lately and I think he could tell.  So he planned for us to do something special to get my mind of all this incoming data.  Well poor thing, this plans all fell apart…When he went to buy tickets to a play I wanted to see only to be told that they over booked and sold his tickets, even though he had reservations.  How horrible is that?  So he had to call me, all bummed out, to tell me the upsetting news.  Of course, I wasn’t heart broken…I could just use the extra time for studying, it’s a lot of information!  

Well he wouldn’t have it!  He was determined to find SOMETHING for us to do to get out of the house.  He searched long and hard and came up with a plan in about 10 minutes, maybe less.  It was impressive!  He bought us tickets to see Dave Spade at the IP Casino in Biloxi and reservations at Ruth’s Chris.  WHOA!  Hey big spenda! right?  It’s not Christmas, my birthday, or his, and I’m pretty sure it’s no anniversary…What’s up with dat?  The man just wants a “nice” night out with his lady!  Ok, ok I’m game…I guess I could put off studying for one night 😉  

I have never been to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and everyone is always telling how AMAZING it is.  It’s about time I get to find out for myself!  We dressed up and looked so good, wish I would have took a picture.  I always forget those things.  The meal was wonderful.  We had a room all to ourself, it was so romantic.  The staff was very attentive to our needs.  

On a side note– My husband purchased a Big Green Egg about 2 years ago.  He has cooking a steak down to a science.  When he cooks a steak on it, it is the best I have ever had in my life.  The steaks are so good that we have had 5 friends and 1 family members come over, all separate cases, to try our steaks all of which resulted in the purchase of a Green Egg for themselves.  It sears the meat perfectly and turns the fatty-grissel a succulent treasure worth fighting over. 

That being said, Ruth’s Chris had some pretty big shoes to fill.  I did find the quality of meat to be much better than we have at home.  The steak was cooked to medium rare perfection.  Literally the most even pink color in the center I have ever seen.  But I still like the Green Egg better because they just cannot accomplish a good sear on a ceramic plate, so the fatty-grissel (my favorite part) was soggy and unappetizing.  


Hubby got a Filet, he’s fancy!

It was a nice experience but I feel like we can accomplish better results at home.  And if I were home I wouldn’t  have put away 2 loafs of bread with butter!!!!  I have been trying to be gluten-free for the last month, to see if that will help some pimples that have been a continuous plague to my face.  Ugh, I hate when they put bread and butter in front of me in a restaurant it’s irresistible! 


Devilish bread, my weakness!


Potatoes Au Gratin and Asparagus with Hollandaise

After our wonderful dinner we had a little debate on who’s steaks reign supreme.  Hubby thinks Ruth’s Chris are definitely, hands-down, winners.  The man is crazy.  I was insisting his is better and he just wouldn’t take it, what’s wrong with him?  Just take the compliment man!

The comedy show was a hit!  I love to laugh.  It’s like exercise, I think.  It releases endorphins while working my abs, BONUS!

The first act was Bobby Miyamoto.  He was really funny but it seemed like he was nervous or just off his game.  Something wasn’t right.  But he had some good jokes. 

The second act was Kevin Farley.  We heard “Farley” and then it was like Chris was on stage.  It was crazy, like a ghost!  He was a hoot too, so funny.  We liked him the best actually.

The headliner was David Spade.  He was really good, funny without being mean.  My mom said his jokes usually make fun of people, but I think maybe he has changed.  

OH Lawd, oh lawd…Jesus, thank you for helping me restrain myself from whoopin’ some ass!  Let me let you why.  There was this person sitting in front of us, and over 2 seats to my right, on his phone the entire time.  By the way is just as bad as being in a movie theater, but I paid $110 for this show!  I was at that precise angle to him to get the full glare of his phone, lucky me!  Ugh, and taking pictures with a flash.  THEN checking Facebook constantly, I’m sure to see if anyone commented on his photo.  As if THAT wasn’t bad enough.  To top it off he had literally the MOST obnoxious laugh I have ever heard in all of my days on this planet!  It was like a cross between Spongebob and a Donkey on a Roller Coaster!  All out Donkey Laughing going down right in front of so!


Every time he thought something was worthy of such an abnormal outburst, he would turn to his friend and perform this sound in said friend’s face.  He didn’t have just a normal laugh, when at times things just weren’t that funny.  It was always all out obnoxious donkey!  WHO DOES THAT? 

Overall this was a fantastic evening.  Lovely night out with my man!  

Now, back to my Real Estate Class!

100 Women Bloggers


Need something to add to you reader?  Well I’ve got you covered!  Check out this wonderful list to get you started. There is a little something for everyone here.

100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading

I am a big fan of Cup of Jo, Style Me Pretty, The Smitten Kitchen, and The Green Mama which all made the cut. 

And if you’re totally new to blogging and need some divine inspiration you should check out this blog.  


Click the image to go to the site

When The Secret is in the Sauce (aka The SITS Girls) was founded in 2008, its objective was simple: To create a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. Although the site has evolved over the years, its commitment to this mission has not changed. Whether you are new to blogging and looking for blogs to read, or a veteran blogger interested in learning everything you can about social media and making money from sponsored posts, The SITS Girls community is for you!

Move over boys, I’m starting my OWN business!

After MUCH consideration I have decided to become a Real Estate Agent.  I have been looking for an occupation that will allow me to work around my husband’s schedule and so far all arrows have pointed me to Real Estate.  Plus people, friends and family, that I would be awesome as a Real Estate Agent.

Disclaimer: I’m not just jumping into this as a bored housewife looking for a hobby…no, no.  I am fully aware that this will be a real job with a ton of dedication to serving other people.  I have been preparing myself for this commitment, reading books, studying, and analyzing the pros and cons.  

Being a Real Estate Agent is like owning a small business with you as the main product.  I have always been a moderate introvert with extrovert tendencies…meaning… I don’t really have problems with socializing at parties, but after I’m gonna need some alone time.  So I was a little worried when I heard that I would have to do “cold calls” which is calling random people out the phone book to see if they, or someone they know, is interested in selling or buying a house.  Uh, no thank you for me in advanced! 

After spending a whole day in a Barnes and Nobles reading up on how to be a successful agent, I was feeling pumped.  I can do this, I got this!  It will help me become more of a “go getter” & people-person (not to be confused with people-eater, those are purple)….Correction, I am a “people person” I just don’t like to impose myself on others because I’m worried that they won’t like that or they are just too busy for me….I am not alone in this!  Anyway, I was starting my tribal war dance, my adrenaline was HIGH.  I was feeling I could take on the world of Real Estate tomorrow!


 I spoke with my husband and he just had to rain on my parade by doing what men do…Stating the Facts!  God, I of course know MY personality, I’ve lived with it for 29 years now, it’s not changing.  (Insert eyeroll to the tenth power).  So after discussing the realistic point of view of Deddie-Downer I was feeling like maybe I can’t do this…for a second…then I was just pissed that he thought I couldn’t do it!  Then I became determined to prove butthead wrong (probably not a good reason to jump into a career) but it is what it is. 

Which brings me to this book… Sell with Soul by Jennifer Allen.

Sell with soul

She has more books too that I will be reading!  Check them out HERE on her website.

She is naturally an introvert as well and she has figured out how to be an excellent agent without being pushy, or doing the dreaded “cold calls.”  If you’re agent and that works for you, more power to ya, I just don’t think that’s for me.  I love how she has turned a career, that’s not considered a good idea for an introvert, into a perfect career for her.  She has found a way to let her attributes shine and I love her for sharing them with the world.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress.  I enrolled in Real Estate 101, the 90 hour course required to become an agent.  After beginning in the course now for 4 days, I can honestly say that I am truly excited for my new journey to begin!  I have so much confidence that I will rock this sh*t!  LOL

The course I’m taking is 1 month and it’s all online!  After I finish the course, I’ll take the Licensing Exam, then find a Broker to take me under their wind.

Scary Mommy, more like Hilarious Mommy!

I have recently started reading a variety of blogs on Bloglovin. One of my favorites is Scary Mommy.  If you’re a mom, soon to be mom, or just contemplating becoming a mom, like me, you should check this blog out.  Watch out though they have a potty mouth!  

I’m no mommy, and I’m new to the blogging community so that’s my reasons for not knowing about this viral phenomenon.  I am so glad I stumbled upon this gem.  I read it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, it’s like they post at all hours of the day, constantly.  Most of the post have been Laugh Out Loud, Pee a little…husband asking “what the hell is so funny?” HIlarious!  

We are planning to conceive (TMI?) and I can’t wait to experience some of the things they talk about in this blog!  Every time I read it, it sound like something I would totally say, they have my personality down to a T.  Love it will keep reading it! 

Seriously check it out.  

One day I will have readers….sigh… and they will see this post and say thank you, thank you for telling me about Scary Mommy!

And since you’re checking that out, swing over to Whats Up Moms on YouTube.  I love their parody of the Iggy Azalea I’m so fancy with I’m so Pregnant.  

Financial Planner Meeting

Today we had our bi-annual meeting with our financial planner, Jim, to discuss our personal finances.  These meeting are always wonderful.  We have a good relationship with him and we always have great discussions, even outside of the realm of our finances.  He started our meeting picking our brains for advice on how to cook the perfect steak.  I know, every man thinks he has the magic key to cook when it comes to a grill, but they have nothing without a Big Green Egg.

Meet the Family

Meet the Family

I speak the truth.  We have been to so many prestigious steak houses and I can’t say those places aren’t good, but it is extremely hard to replicate it at home.  You need something that can get MEGA HOT, like 900 degrees, and the Egg can!

show me the money

Great movie.

So we told him about our Egg and our experiments with a variety of foods on it, from baking goods to smoking meats to searing steaks.  At the end of our meeting he said I gonna buy a Green Egg today!  I am not kidding when I say this is literally the 5th Big Green Egg we have sold, we are not a dealer so we didn’t actually sell them, but really we should totally be making some commission by now!

Aside from all our talk about the Egg we spoke briefly about the status of the business.  We are both a little disappointed with the launch of this business, it just seemed like there was no fire to get the ball rolling.  Purchasing equipment was a big hold up, actually it was the main reason we could not do anything.

Jim is a great person to get you fired up about something you are passionate about.  I don’t know if he is excited for the prospect of us making more money, which he would be in charge of so he would make more money?!?  Or that he is genuinely excited to get this business on the roll because he believes in us and wants us to succeed.  I am pretty sure it is the latter.  So when we left the meeting I was, of course, super pumped up about next season!

The main purpose of this meeting was to review of finances and make sure we are on the same page with what he is doing for our money.  All of our stocks are doing well and we are planning for retirement at a moderately aggressive pace.  He had some minor suggestions for the transfer of various stocks to maximize our pay-back  other than that everything was good.  We are at the time in our life when we are considering children and he suggested we start contributing to a 529, Louisiana’s College Savings Plan.  It is apparently one of the best in the nation, can’t say that too often in Louisiana…so we’re proud!  If you need more information the link is below.


I have been reading many blogs lately on business, start-ups, inspiration, and personal wellness.  All of them are related in some way, in the big picture.  Today, I found myself googling local business competition in our area and saving their websites to my bookmarks.  I think it’s a good idea to check-in on the competition from time to time, so why not make it easier for me!

Whenever I’m at the computer for no real reason I, of course like many others, end up on Pinterest.  While staring blankly at my Pinterest feed, scrolling in a zombie like fashion, I stumbled upon a wonderfully insightful blogger.

Portrait of pretty young business woman smiling

I was particularly interested in her post about the 10 skills you need in business.  I have seen post like this a number of times.  It’s like everyone basically says the same thing over and over again with different pictures to get you to keep reading.  I like her though, she seems real.  I’m pumped up about everything she has wrote.  I want to take the reins and jump into the business again with full force.  So I have decided to do everything I can to make these guys successful for next season.  I need to get all the planning done ahead of time so they are not worrying about what event is coming up soon.

End of 1st Season

The 1st crawfish season has come to a close.  This season started pretty rough with a very long, cold winter which caused the crawfish to remain underground well into the farming season.  In addition to that, each of the partners have been so busy with their personal and professional lives, it was very hard to schedule any jobs together.  Plus we didn’t get our custom-made pots until May…can’t boil without pots!  We did get a chance to help with a school fundraiser boil of 2,500 lbs.  which was a wonderful experience on technique, efficiency, and precision.  We were able to break in the new pots for family with a 4 sack boil in one pot!  These pots are HUGE!

We had 1 job offer for a boil for 300 people.  This would have been a great experience but we, unfortunately, had to decline.

Even though we didn’t have a “profitable” season, we were able to learn about our abilities for the seasons to come.  We still have to order business cards and develop a website.  We have an invisible facebook page, but I would like to wait for a website before we make it public.  The more I research web-design the more I’m leaning toward making it myself but I’m still trying to learn how to blog.

Decision Made!

My husband and I had consultations with 3 web-design companies. I complied all my notes into a beautiful PowerPoint presentation to show our partners. The prices range from $1,300 to a whopping $5,000. The 3 partners had a teleconference to discus the business plans and which company to choose. All votes are in…..they have decided to go with the least expensive company $1,300 which thankfully is located in our small town, so no driving into New Orleans every time I need to talk in person.

Now there is a second decision the partners need to agree on….a logo. This has become a bit of a problem. I would have liked to have the logo and the website completed already because I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already but this business was supposed to be completely functioning at the start of this year. Well as you can probably guess that is not the case.

First there was the problem with not finding a location to house our business. Solution, we decided to be a catering service. Second, there seems to be a lack of prioritizing among the partners. I, of course, place everything relating to starting this business on high priority. I can completely understand their thinking because they all have full-time, very demanding jobs and I, well, have nothing but this business hanging over my head. To get the website moving we first need a logo. I would like to have the same company handle both the website and the logo, which would just make things easier. However, the partners would like to give their family and friends the opportunity to freelance the design. I love the idea of having someone we are close to do it for us. Unfortunately, I think this will only prolong us not having a logo and website because we will have to go back and forth with each person to get it right.

Like any small business owner, I want this business to be successful. At the same time I want it to be a growing experience, as it has already proven to be. I am so proud of our very small accomplishments thus far, our business is all I talk about. So I wish I had the ability to give the people I talk to about our business a business card, to view our website and social media sites, and to contact us for a gig. We own a business, I want other people to see that we are in business.

All in due time, I suppose I could be a little more patient.