Move over boys, I’m starting my OWN business!

After MUCH consideration I have decided to become a Real Estate Agent.  I have been looking for an occupation that will allow me to work around my husband’s schedule and so far all arrows have pointed me to Real Estate.  Plus people, friends and family, that I would be awesome as a Real Estate Agent.

Disclaimer: I’m not just jumping into this as a bored housewife looking for a hobby…no, no.  I am fully aware that this will be a real job with a ton of dedication to serving other people.  I have been preparing myself for this commitment, reading books, studying, and analyzing the pros and cons.  

Being a Real Estate Agent is like owning a small business with you as the main product.  I have always been a moderate introvert with extrovert tendencies…meaning… I don’t really have problems with socializing at parties, but after I’m gonna need some alone time.  So I was a little worried when I heard that I would have to do “cold calls” which is calling random people out the phone book to see if they, or someone they know, is interested in selling or buying a house.  Uh, no thank you for me in advanced! 

After spending a whole day in a Barnes and Nobles reading up on how to be a successful agent, I was feeling pumped.  I can do this, I got this!  It will help me become more of a “go getter” & people-person (not to be confused with people-eater, those are purple)….Correction, I am a “people person” I just don’t like to impose myself on others because I’m worried that they won’t like that or they are just too busy for me….I am not alone in this!  Anyway, I was starting my tribal war dance, my adrenaline was HIGH.  I was feeling I could take on the world of Real Estate tomorrow!


 I spoke with my husband and he just had to rain on my parade by doing what men do…Stating the Facts!  God, I of course know MY personality, I’ve lived with it for 29 years now, it’s not changing.  (Insert eyeroll to the tenth power).  So after discussing the realistic point of view of Deddie-Downer I was feeling like maybe I can’t do this…for a second…then I was just pissed that he thought I couldn’t do it!  Then I became determined to prove butthead wrong (probably not a good reason to jump into a career) but it is what it is. 

Which brings me to this book… Sell with Soul by Jennifer Allen.

Sell with soul

She has more books too that I will be reading!  Check them out HERE on her website.

She is naturally an introvert as well and she has figured out how to be an excellent agent without being pushy, or doing the dreaded “cold calls.”  If you’re agent and that works for you, more power to ya, I just don’t think that’s for me.  I love how she has turned a career, that’s not considered a good idea for an introvert, into a perfect career for her.  She has found a way to let her attributes shine and I love her for sharing them with the world.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress.  I enrolled in Real Estate 101, the 90 hour course required to become an agent.  After beginning in the course now for 4 days, I can honestly say that I am truly excited for my new journey to begin!  I have so much confidence that I will rock this sh*t!  LOL

The course I’m taking is 1 month and it’s all online!  After I finish the course, I’ll take the Licensing Exam, then find a Broker to take me under their wind.


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