End of 1st Season

The 1st crawfish season has come to a close.  This season started pretty rough with a very long, cold winter which caused the crawfish to remain underground well into the farming season.  In addition to that, each of the partners have been so busy with their personal and professional lives, it was very hard to schedule any jobs together.  Plus we didn’t get our custom-made pots until May…can’t boil without pots!  We did get a chance to help with a school fundraiser boil of 2,500 lbs.  which was a wonderful experience on technique, efficiency, and precision.  We were able to break in the new pots for family with a 4 sack boil in one pot!  These pots are HUGE!

We had 1 job offer for a boil for 300 people.  This would have been a great experience but we, unfortunately, had to decline.

Even though we didn’t have a “profitable” season, we were able to learn about our abilities for the seasons to come.  We still have to order business cards and develop a website.  We have an invisible facebook page, but I would like to wait for a website before we make it public.  The more I research web-design the more I’m leaning toward making it myself but I’m still trying to learn how to blog.


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