Scary Mommy, more like Hilarious Mommy!

I have recently started reading a variety of blogs on Bloglovin. One of my favorites is Scary Mommy.  If you’re a mom, soon to be mom, or just contemplating becoming a mom, like me, you should check this blog out.  Watch out though they have a potty mouth!  

I’m no mommy, and I’m new to the blogging community so that’s my reasons for not knowing about this viral phenomenon.  I am so glad I stumbled upon this gem.  I read it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, it’s like they post at all hours of the day, constantly.  Most of the post have been Laugh Out Loud, Pee a little…husband asking “what the hell is so funny?” HIlarious!  

We are planning to conceive (TMI?) and I can’t wait to experience some of the things they talk about in this blog!  Every time I read it, it sound like something I would totally say, they have my personality down to a T.  Love it will keep reading it! 

Seriously check it out.  

One day I will have readers….sigh… and they will see this post and say thank you, thank you for telling me about Scary Mommy!

And since you’re checking that out, swing over to Whats Up Moms on YouTube.  I love their parody of the Iggy Azalea I’m so fancy with I’m so Pregnant.