Decision Made!

My husband and I had consultations with 3 web-design companies. I complied all my notes into a beautiful PowerPoint presentation to show our partners. The prices range from $1,300 to a whopping $5,000. The 3 partners had a teleconference to discus the business plans and which company to choose. All votes are in…..they have decided to go with the least expensive company $1,300 which thankfully is located in our small town, so no driving into New Orleans every time I need to talk in person.

Now there is a second decision the partners need to agree on….a logo. This has become a bit of a problem. I would have liked to have the logo and the website completed already because I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already but this business was supposed to be completely functioning at the start of this year. Well as you can probably guess that is not the case.

First there was the problem with not finding a location to house our business. Solution, we decided to be a catering service. Second, there seems to be a lack of prioritizing among the partners. I, of course, place everything relating to starting this business on high priority. I can completely understand their thinking because they all have full-time, very demanding jobs and I, well, have nothing but this business hanging over my head. To get the website moving we first need a logo. I would like to have the same company handle both the website and the logo, which would just make things easier. However, the partners would like to give their family and friends the opportunity to freelance the design. I love the idea of having someone we are close to do it for us. Unfortunately, I think this will only prolong us not having a logo and website because we will have to go back and forth with each person to get it right.

Like any small business owner, I want this business to be successful. At the same time I want it to be a growing experience, as it has already proven to be. I am so proud of our very small accomplishments thus far, our business is all I talk about. So I wish I had the ability to give the people I talk to about our business a business card, to view our website and social media sites, and to contact us for a gig. We own a business, I want other people to see that we are in business.

All in due time, I suppose I could be a little more patient.


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