Make you wanna slap ya momma!

We live to eat down here and we love to share our yummy goodness with others. We have been traveling across country the last 2 years, the first thing people say about New Orleans is “the food is so good down there!”  I can’t argue it that, it is outstanding! Eventually I would like for this page to contain recipes from my family and our business, all in due time though.

At the heart of my love for food is a love for cooking.  Cooking is what brings our family together.  Over the years, I have only seen my extended family together if food was involved, usually a holiday or special occasion.  Being raised here you learn that the easiest way to get people together is to serve food, copious amounts of delicious food!

I started to fall in love with cooking at a very early age by helping my Momma and Maw Maw prep and cook.  They always let me help and I loved every second of it!….I need to find a picture.

A large portion of my childhood was spent at my Grandparent’s house.  Both of my parents had jobs and my Grandparents lived like 7 blocks away so instead of paying for daycare I went to their house.  It was such a great way to grow up, I was so lucky.  I remember my mom sending me to daycare, which was literally 2 houses away from my Grandparents, on days when I couldn’t go to their house.  My mom said “I screamed bloody murder,” it made her cry to leave me there.

Anyway, staying with my MawMaw all day I learned a lot of very important stuff!  At 7am we would start our day with Mousersizing on the Disney Channel.  I even had a exercise trampoline like they had on the show.  Then I’d have some oatmeal and watch the cooking shows on PBS, while folding laundry or cleaning the house.  This was also where I learned to be an excellent multitask-er.  My MawMaw watched these shows every day, in every room of the house, she even had a small tv on a cart she’d take into each room.  When she couldn’t watch her shows she’d pop in a VHS and record ALL of them.  Her house was full of recorded cooking shows and her “stories,” hilarious!  My MawMaw loved to chop vegetables, she could do it all day!  They had 2, 6ft long, chest freezer and a large vegetable garden, she chopped vegetables like everyday and the freezer was full all the time.  There was rarely a day when she wasn’t chopping veggies, hauling peas, or shucking corn.  A few times I came into the kitchen to discover a bowl full of pig intestines waiting to become sausage, barf…  Talk ’bout nightmares right there, gwad!  I miss her every day, it’s nice to be able to think about her in all of my wonderful memories.

I still love watching cooking on PBS, first of all it reminds me of those days at MawMaw’s and second it’s how I learned to cook and there’s always room for improvement.  There are 2 shows that I love most of all.  Essentially Jacques Pepin!  I even have my husband addicted to this man, we’re even leaning toward naming our future, one day, son Jacques!  His show airs here around dinner time, so we have dinner with Jacques almost every night, LOL!  We won’t be watching tv during dinner when kiddos are in the picture, so we’re getting it all in now!

I freaking LOVE Jacques Pepin!

Jacques-Pepin  Jacques Pépin is world renowned as the host of his acclaimed and popular cooking programs on public television, and as a prolific author, respected instructor, and gifted artist. Recently, Pépin was awarded the highest honor by the French Government and holds the title of CHEVALIER DE L’ORDRE NATIONAL DE LA LEGION D’HONNEUR. Pépin is the host of many popular public television programs, including his latest series Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way, premiering in October, 2008. Featuring recipes for fast, healthy meals, this will be the twelfth series hosted by Pépin and produced by KQED Public Media in San Francisco. His memoir, The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen, was published by Houghton Mifflin in 2003 and in paperback in May, 2004. Pépin’s most recent book, published by Stewart Tabori & Chang in April 2007, is a visual biography, Chez Jacques: Traditions and Rituals of a Cook.

Marire Ann Esposito

marie ann

This woman is amazing!  Her show is the longest running cooking show in America.  She is truly an excellent chef and teacher.  I have learned so much from her over the years.  I like her better than anyone on the Food Network.  She’s the type of person that when you watch her you say “man I wish she was my Grandmother.”  Not that I would trade her for my MawMaw, but if I could have another one she would be my choice, she just seems so sweet and knowledgeable.



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