How Hard Is It To Run A Small Business? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Change is constant and extremely quick. This “Reblog” from shows graphic representation of a survey of smal business owners.
Small Business owners have to be up to date with technology and social media to get customers in the door and in tune with what is happening on a day-to-day basis. There is always competition, especially in our area, for new small food businesses. The businesses that have the ability to use the internet to broaden their outreach are winning the competition. Businesses can now use social media to determine where their customers are coming from, where they work, what they wish to gain when entering a new place, how much time they have to spend, and even what they like most or hate about a business. Today, email marketing and social media marketing are the best venues to reach consumers with some free options available. Small Businesses today need to make it a priority to make the internet their #1 marketing tool.
Before I try a new restaurant, store, or even a hair salon I check the internet for customer reviews and feedback. Yes, many people on post to sites like Yelp and UrbanSpoon when they are mad about poor service, but I like to give an honest account, with pictures, of my experience because someone might enjoy what I have to say and in turn give that business a shot.

Small Food Business

entrepreneurshipIn honor of Small Business Week, Constant Contact released an INFOGRAPHIC based on a survey they did of small business owners.  Is it harder, they asked, to run a business now versus 5 years ago?  The results may surprise you.

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