20 Most Cajun Things That Ever Happened!

I came across this today while people-stalking on Facebook, what else is that site for?

most cajun

My husband’s cajun music idol posted this site…


You have got to see this, it’s awesome!  You have to click on all the videos.

#16 Poo Poo Broussard.  His lips are chap-chap!

#15- Tells you about “Le Boss” Wayne Toups.  Man, that man can play that accordion.  I remember dancing to this one song he plays and I thought “if this song doesn’t end soon I might pass out.”  This is our favorite cajun band, we even went on the Wayne Toups cruise for our Honeymoon.  Man, that was a good time!  My husband brought his accordion on the cruise and played with his friends on the deck.  While all the girls were tanning, they played their hearts out, taking requests from random people.  Word got out that there was people playing music on deck and Wayne came out to enjoy the show.  Some of the guys passed my husbands accordion around taking turns singing and playing.  Everyone starting cheering for Wayne to play, when he walked over and took my husbands accordion I think he almost passed out.  Now he can always say “Wayne Toups played my accordion!”  AMAZING

#13- I didn’t grow up in Cajun Country, like my husband, so I missed out on this legend.

#11- Seafood only on Fridays during Lent is like a awesome holiday extravaganza for us!  I actually looked forward to Lent, that’s sad right?  When I was younger my family would go to an All-You-Can-Eat fried catfish joint that was “off the hook!”  Their coleslaw was da bomb.  I sure know it wasn’t no cajun that came up with the no meat on fridays rule, cuz da ain’t no sacrifice, Jack!  Oh man and the crawfish, oh buddy that’s some good eatin,’ dat’s how we did Good Friday right!

#10- Hunter Hayes, freaking adorable…we’ll forget about Hank Williams Jr. saying “jambalaya” wrong and those people in the crowd who are just a hot-mess!  PS- my husband’s accordion looks just like that one.

#8- I’ve never been to Mamou but apparently if you want to see a really Cajun Mardi Gras you gotta go there.  I think I might make that happen this year, fingers crossed.  If you watch this video you will say “say what? this lady’s crazy!”  That young guy in the bottom corner playing the fiddle is my friend Brandon Moreau.  He’s from Mamou and he’s a great fiddle player.

#6- Now this one is special best this is exactly what we want to do.  This is the model for our small business.  It works out in Cajunland so well.  The area we live in now could really use one of these bad boys.

#5- The Rougerou, that’s cracks me up!  Then again I was a good girl so I never had to worry about that.

#2- I love me some Troy Landry.  My MawMaw is from Pierre Part, so we might be related…just kidding.

#1- Again, I have never had the pleasure of seeing one of these commercials because of where I’m from.  I can tell you this, it’s probably real good, and so cheesy!  Richie was on the Wayne Toups cruise with us too.  He and my husband started a little make-shift band on the deck of the cruise ship while the ship’s band was on break.  It was a once in a lifetime event that my husband will never forget and a story for the grandkids.

Louisiana folk are some interesting characters.  It’s fascinating that you can describe the people just as you would the food, the same adjectives work.  I love living here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  You can’t imagine how different each area is from one another, all the culture and history can’t be recreated.  Natives think it’s hilarious when outsiders pronounce things the wrong way, but it pisses us off when movies or T.V. shows get it wrong because they should be portraying every detail correctly.  Being from Louisiana is like being from another planet, we have our own language, traditions, music, myths, food, and heritage that is all unique.

Cajun Crawfishing Video on the History Channel

Larry the Cable Guy mutilating the word “Atchafalaya” in a video on how to crawfish.  I love the way the cajun man talks, it sounds like my mama’s family in Thibodaux, LA.



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