CPA, check!

I made the decision today with which CPA to choose.  I used the question and information I found on the web to ask really good questions to get a understanding of what they can do for us.  Over all, after our conversation, I feel like we would work well together. The CPA I spoke with seems like he legitimately wants the best for his clients business.  Ultimately a CPAs purpose for a business is to help them stay accountable and organized for all cash flow, right?  I mean, if we don’t make money he won’t really get anything out of the deal.  He said that our #1 priority right now needs to be getting a location.  Without an address, you can’t file for an LLC, tax license.

So as far as this business goes right now, we have everything but the location, dang it!  This is proving to be the most difficult part of all.  Every real-estate agent I spoke with has either come up with nothing or said we cannot have what we want inside city limits.  That just won’t do!  Therefore I press on…

After playing manager for the day, I received this lovely email for my hubby…

Thank you again for spearheading all this stuff for the business…I’ve been worried about “who” will do all this work because I physically can’t with my schedule and I hate waiting two weeks between making progress,   It makes me even more happy to know I can count on you to help with this..Love ya babe!

It’s so nice to be appreciated!


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