Setting up our Start-up


This week I am on a mission to find a CPA for our small business, a commercial property Realtor, and a location that suits our business.  It’s hard making the decision for a CPA without meeting the person first.  I have narrowed it down to 2 in our hometown and 1 closer to New Orleans.  I wish it were as easy as clicking a button.


I guess there shouldn’t be so much pressure on making the right choice because we could always change our mind and choose someone else in the future.  Decisions, in general, give me some anxiety, always have, it doesn’t really make sense.  The biggest decision of my life is done and that one was actually easy.  Last year I tied the knot with the love of my life and I just knew it was right, I could feel it.


Why is it that a life time decision is easy for me and a small decision like this is so hard?  I need to feel it.  Making a choice of what restaurant to go to for dinner is ridiculously hard for me, I always get the other person to choose.  My husband on the other hand ALWAYS knows exactly what he wants and knows how to make it happen.  He’s a “go-getter” and a delegator.  I mean that in a good way, he repeatedly impresses me with his ability to get people to do what’s needed for the completion of something.  Any time I get stumped with something I’m doing I think what he would be doing to get this done faster.  I never choose that path, because I never ask for assistance, but it’s interesting to think about how different we are, yet how well we work as a couple.

Great Blog to Reference:  His motto; Planning good, doing is better.

Why should I hire a CPA?


Keep in mind that you are looking to establish a long-term relationship. You want someone who will learn your business inside and out, and who will become a trusted advisor on major business and financial decisions and transactions. Look not only for technical competence but also for interpersonal and communication skills.

~I completely agree!

Defining your objectives and expectations will help you ask the kind of specific questions necessary for finding the CPA best suited to your needs. Think about the services you will need not just today but further down the road.

23 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring a CPA

I shortened it a bit…

  1.  Do they get back to you ASAP?
  2. Will I always be working with the same person?
  3. What services beyond “data entry” are offered?
  4. How can the accountant help us make more money?
    1. Before the interview they should have reviewed our plan and financial situation, do you think they have the best interest for the business in mind?
  5.  Do you consider yourself tech-savy?
  6. Who are your other clients?
    1. Get a feel of the type of business they work with.
    2. Get a feel of his work schedule; does he have the time and resources to meet our needs?
  7.  What kind of creative business advice can you offer?
    1. Ways to grow, ways to save money, ways to use money smarter.
  8.  What are your credentials?
  9. How much professional education do you get annually?
  10. Who will I be interaction with?
  11. What is your policy on returning phone calls?
  12. Are you available outside of the tax season?
  13. Are you a corporation of CPA’s or a business owner?
  14. When do you work?
  15. Do you conduct your own business and personal affairs in a reasonably efficient and responsibly way?
  16. How are your fees calculated?
  17. Do you charge for phone discussions?
  18. What can we do to help with your work and keep your fees to a minimum?
  19. Do you perceive any conflicts of interest?
  20. How well have you integrated computers and internet into your practice, and has it helped lower cost for clients?

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