Our first business

boiled crawfish

My husband and 2 guys are starting a business together. I will be the manager for the first couple of years, yay! What’s the business? Well, it’s crawfish…a drive thru, boiled crawfish joint. Doesn’t really sound glamours but it is what it is, for now anyway. Their plan is to start small with a crawfish business, which doesn’t need much capital investment, and gradually build up the bank account, only taking out for employee pay and necessities. Eventually, they would like to open a cajun specialty meats market along a major highway, which is the end goal we are striving to achieve.

I am so happy and proud to be starting something of our own with my husband. He has the ability to be a great entrepreneur, with drive, hard work, and dedication, he is a leader. I have experience in a variety of businesses, so I actually provide a great asset to their business. I am also able to devote all of my time and effort to them, aren’t they lucky!

I was going to make them a website, but it’s too early for that. I did start on it though. What I have so far is basically just the about page….this is how it goes:

Welcome to our website!

” ” is a hot boiled crawfish drive thru located in _____, Louisiana. We offer a premium product at a competitive price. Behind the operation of our business is truely 3 cajuns from “cajun country.” They are 3 proud UL graduates from the Acaidana area with a passion for all things cajun, including crawfish. We believe that our crawfish is excellent and would like you to share your opinion with us. We want to show you that there is a difference between farm raised crawfish and wild, basin crawfish. The only way to show is to have you come on down to taste for yourself, because tasting is believing! Our crawfish are farm raised in Da Parish. They are graded to be the largest sold and are considered premium. They are also cleaned to meet the highest of standards.

Genetically there are different varieties of crawfish just like an other living things. Crawfish found in the wild, basins, are a different species than those that are farm raised. Due to the fact that they live in different environments, they have evolved slightly to help them survive. Wild crawfish that live in the Atchafalaya basins have a thin, sharp claw while the farm crawfish claws are slightly rounded and thinker resulting in a higher claw meat content. Wild crawfish feed on dead plants and animals while farm crawfish feed on rice field remains. Wild crawfish tend to have a gritty fat due to the dirty environment while farm crawfish are cleaner and tend to have a buttery yellow fat, and the fat actually taste of butter! That would make Paula Dean happy for sure!

We have been researching, tasting , and testing multiple types of crawfish in side by side comparisons and have developed the best recipe. We believe you will definitely agree.

Come by to see us today!


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